The Ned Kelly Aussie Pie

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The Ned Kelly Aussie Meat Pie is ground beef, onion, garlic cooked in an Aussie inspired brown gravy, topped with a whole egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese. . Straight from the freezer to your oven. No need to remember to thaw ahead of time. Oven fresh pies at home!!

Ned Kelly was an Aussie bushranger, outlaw and gang leader living in the 1800's and famous for making a suit of armor out of sheets of steel, which he wore to a gunfight with Victorian Police. He eluded Police for 2 years before his capture, thanks in part to the support of an extensive network of sympathizers. Some might say he was like the Australian Jesse James... If you ask us what Ned Kelly has to do with a beef, bacon, egg & cheese pie, we'll tell ya that it's because they are both unexpected LEGENDS.


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Duda's Aussie Pie Truck - On Tap Bend. 1424 NE Cushing Drive, Bend OR 97701



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